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About Me?  Well I'm old, getting fatter, possibly losing hair (sanity is a sure bet) and I still play video games.  I've been playing video games since about 1987, which is a long time now.  Gaming it seems, was to be my destiny. But as much as I still love the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat, the first person shooter genre is still the one that I love best (and obviously, play the most).  I was first introduced to the genre with Wolfenstein 3D, followed by Doom.  But for me, it was Duke Nukem 3D that got the ball rolling.  With it's schoolyard smut style of humor, borderline porn and the social shock factor that came with it, it wasn't too long before I made my first maps for Duke Nukem 3D back in 1998.  They were of course, utter rubbish. And of course, I naturally got better.

I've mapped for a number of games now.  It started with Duke Nukem 3D and I am currently messing around with the id Tech 4 engine.  I may move on to id Tech 5 when I get around to it.  Anyway, here are some of the editors I've used to make my maps.

BUILD/Mapster 32

The very first game I mapped for, as mentioned earlier, was Duke Nukem 3D.  But I have also made maps for both Shadow Warrior and Redneck Rampage.  Right now, I don't have a screenshot for the original version of BUILD, so I will have to make do with an image of Mapster32, a highly enhanced version of the editor which I still mess around with from time to time.


An old editor for id Tech 1, better known as the Doom engine, I started off making maps with this editor.  Eventually, I switched to Doom Builder and Doom Builder 2, and use this editor for its powerful WAD management capabilities.
Doom Builder 2

An improvement over the still powerful, but no longer supported Doom Builder 1.68, this editor is very powerful indeed.  It lacks the WAD management features of DeepSEA, but it comes packed with an ACS script editor (ZDoom and Hexen mappers will know what this means) as well as a 3D mode which is highly similar to that of the BUILD editor.  If you are keen to make id Tech 1 maps, I highly recommend this editor.
GTK Radiant

An open-source editor for various id Tech engines (id Tech 2, id Tech 3, id Tech 4 and Quake).  I've used this to map for Quake and Quake II, as well as some touch up work for Doom 3.

My main editor of choice for making id Tech 4 maps.  Mostly excellent, tends to crash when loading maps and entering rendering mode, otherwise, I swear by it.
UnrealED 2.0

Of of the most fun and easy to use editors, I've made a few UnrealED maps with this baby.  Sadly, like many other maps, they have been lost forever, due to my (then) bad habit of not backing up my work.  Oh, the shame!

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