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Comm Center 2

A small remake of a ZDoom map I made aeons ago.

Status: in progress.
Comm Center 2
Beta Labs 3 (Doom 3)

A small DM map for Doom 3 which was developed primarily to hone my id Tech 4 editing skills.

Status: Suspended.
Archvile Labyrinth (Doom 2, GZDoom)

I haven't touched this in a bit, but basically I'm expermenting with ACS to create an archvile labyrinth (inspired of course, by the level "Hunted" from The Plutonia Experiment) where spawn points for monsters and ammo are randomized throughout the map.

Status: Suspended.
Suckin' Grits Remake

With the exception of the works of Charlie Wiederhold and maybe one or two others, the levels that Sunstorm Entertainment put together for various BUILD engine games were absolute garbage.  This is my attempt at remaking the Suckin' Grits on Route 66 expansion for redneck rampage, which was frankly ugly and poorly designed.   As the name implied, Suckin' Grits actually sucked.  I hope to remedy this situation.

Status: Suspended.

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