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Dave Hates That

One of my blogs in which I rant on about stuff.  Despite the name, it isn't necessarily about what grinds my gears.
Fat Angus Level Design

The original blogger page.  Still gets updated.
Dave's Blog - The Life and the Times of a Music Snob

A blog that I seldomly maintain these days reviewing various albums by various artists from various genres.
Doom Builder

The website for the Doom Builder id Tech 1 editor.  Highly recommended editor and very easy to use.  The easiest, in fact.

Ok for some level editing work, but much better for id Tech 1 WAD management.

The website for the Doom 3/ The Dark Mod map editor.

A multipurpose editor for a number of engines that derive from the Quake Engine, such as id Tech 2, id Tech 3, id Tech 4 and GoldSrc.  Supported games does vary according to program version.  I recommend 1.4 or 1.5 personally.

An excellent id Tech 1 source port which is very powerful, thanks to the power of Raven's Hexen extensions to id Tech 1. You can build Doom maps using the Hexen format, which is much more powerful.

The OpenGL version of ZDoom.  3D Floors (which ZDoom now supports as well), reflective floors and dynamic lights are just some of the features.

The prettiest id Tech 1 source port out there.  Like ZDoom, it supports a number of id Tech 1 games.
Darkplaces Engine

A heavily modified version of the Quake engine.  Get this if you love eye candy.
Yamagi Quake II

A modified version of id Tech 2.  I only use this because it supports widescreen mode.

By far the best source port for Duke Nukem 3D around.  Includes what they call the "Polymer" renderer, which makes things look oh so pretty. Also supports skyboxes and in game level stats, which are just some of the new features on offer.
Proasm SWP

A relatively good source port for Shadow Warrior.  Has had problems with broken or corrupt game saves, so watch out.

EC Wolf

A source port for the granddaddy of the modern shooter, Wolfenstein 3D.  Generally a very good port.  Is work in progress, but is nonetheless fully functional and stable.

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