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30th June, 2015 - A Trip Back to 1988 - My First Foray into 3-D First Person Gaming

Behold, the very first "3-D" video game I ever played.  I first played this way back in 1988 at the tender age of six, when we got our first computer, an Amstrad CPC 6128.  Fancy ass technology it was too, especially for what were then known as microcomputers - a whopping 128kb of RAM, 3" Hitachi standard floppy disk drive (that eventually kept breaking down!!!) and a color monitor as standard.  Wow!  It was a vastly superior machine to the Commodore 64 we later got - disks loaded very quickly, there was double the ram, better graphics and sound.  The C64 was a welcome addition, but it was no substitute for the mighty Amstrad.  Except of course, for when the Amstrad's disk drive wasn't working.

The game is called 3-D Maze, created by a guy called Nigel Sharp in 1984.  I loved this game.  Now, I had also played a few 3-D tank games, but they kind of sucked.  But I loved 3-D maze puzzles.  So when I first played the level "Hunted" from Final Doom, I had a flashback to this game.  Indeed, I would love to make something similar to this using ZDoom!

You can download the .DSK file from here and run it using an emulator such as WinAPE, CPCEmu or Virtual CPC.  Just "load" the disk in Drive A from the file menu and then enter "cat" at the BASIC prompt.  Type in run "old3dmaz", including the parentheses, and press ENTER.  Voila.  Also, bear in mind that these emulators emulate the original CPC UK Keyboard layout, so make sure you know which keys are which.

Don't ask me how I remember those old BASIC commands either.  That's simply how we rolled in an era before GUIs.

If you cannot see this image, either this site is bung or you need a new computer.  Preferably something other than an Amstrad CPC!

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